Manna... a unique form of nutrition.
It is non-material, and its energetic qualities come from an internal Divine source. Manna can be ingested on a daily basis and can have profound effects on the body, mind and spirit.

Manna is generated, ingested, distributed, and self-regulated within the body. The composition is unique to the individual invoking the process.

Manna's availability is unlimited. It can be accessed at any time, resulting in a sense of autonomy and freedom in the area of nutrition.

Manna generation is a natural ability. Each human being can create their own Manna in a form which is perfect and unique to them.

It is time to take back your power and return to feeding and nourishing your own body. Manna will assist you in this in extraordinary ways.

The course will initiate you into remembering who you really are and give you the tools to activate your ability to produce Manna for yourself. You will reestablish your connection to that aspect of your Divine remembrance where this knowledge lies, and learn to strengthen that connection.

You, as a participant, will be freed to allow the experience of birthing yourself. The process will include work with a series of sacred geometrical forms that support opening to a new level of your Divine self.

The physical setting will be an exquisitely safe space energetically, carefully monitored by practitioners of Frequencies of Brilliance. You will be guided and supported in the activation of your own natural divine gift: the ability to manufacture Manna to nourish and support your body.

This special event provides an opportunity which is both revolutionary and absolutely natural. You will experience a connection to new levels of your Divine self.

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