Christine Day explains:

The energy from the pipe has been my initiator. It initiated me in this work many years ago. It was given to me by a native American in Australia. Someone I didn’t know who just met me on the street for a few seconds and said, “this pipe belongs to you” and gave me the pipe.

At that time I didn’t have any awareness of energy or anything else and I thought it would be kind of rude to say no so I took it not realizing the significance of receiving a sacred pipe. I didn’t realize the significance of anything at that time in my life and that’s really the truth. When I got home and I just put it on my wall thinking “well, its an interesting thing”.

When I came to America to live I was told to come here... that this is where the work would be anchored. I would sell all my belongings. I tried to give the pipe away no one would take it, no one wanted the pipe and I ended up giving it to my girlfriend and asking her to give it to somebody because I didn’t want it. But she ended up posting it to me here in America. I received the pipe and picked it up and it was almost like…well I had changed a lot when I got here. I went through a very big process and when I picked the pipe up it was like an energy vortex around me and it took me into a very deep, deep initiation. I started speaking a language I didn’t understand, I was afraid of it. It was a wild energy, it was a very raw energy that I didn’t know and I didn’t want to know, and it was through the pipe, I hadn’t given the emotional work I was practicing a name at that point, but the word Amanae came through from the pipe and I was told the work was to be called Amanae, and that’s when it took its place in the world where people started getting drawn in by the name because at that point it didn’t have a name at all.

Now the pipe has been an ongoing initiator, it’s taking me into the shamanic world. It’s claimed me, I didn’t claim it. Its like, it’s claimed me as the Shaman and I’ve certainly been teaching shamanic work and taking people on vision quest. I’ve had a lot of resistance around it but it’s pushed me, it’s pushed me to the brink of myself, and it has became the main initiator for everybody who’s done any program with me. They get initiated with the pipe. The pipe actually initiates people through the heart.

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