Building the sweat lodge
This is not an extensive guide.
All the moves are sacred here.

A sacred space invites you to enter deeply in touch with the Self in the most common circumstances.
How could I render this with pictures?
Only the direct experience can allow you to integrate this energy in your cells.

What follows may give you a taste of the external part of the ceremony.

The best branches are from the river willow.
This time we had eucalyptus branches.
Ask each branche if it's willing to be part of the sweat lodge before cutting it.
Make sure they are flexible enough.

Check the directions

Create the firepit area with open doors to the 4 directions

Make the path towards the sweat

Move the rocks and the wood for the fire consciously.

Clean the firepit.

Dig a 20 inch deep hole of to receive the Grandfathers stones in the sweat area

Find the 4 directions and take equal distances around the center of the sweat lodge's central hole.

Holes for the branches held by stones.

Start with the east.

All together supporting the branches. They cannot break. Bend gently.

Start with the east west connection

Next is the south north connection

And finally the four in between directions

Tie the branches together with jute and make sure no threads are left hanging.

And this was the result

Some blankets and plastic to cover it and you are ready to go.

Don't forget to burn your prayers ties after the sweat !





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