Building a Medecine Wheel

This is again just an appetizer. I'm afraid that you will have to taste the full plate if you want to experience how to build a medecine wheel. See you at the next shamanic program !

I was called to go towards this sandy spot towards the North in the valley.This will be my new home.

First mark the center and the four directions with big stones.


This is better already
Four directions located and two stones in the east for the entrance
What a beautiful blue sky isn't it ?

Ok. I placed the door and a second layer of stone in the four corners and in the center.

It's time to start to fill up between the corners. Start with the east and check the distances. It's a circle remember ?

Good. That is neat. Please don't argue with the shape of the circle. This is a picture taken form the side !

Let's go for it now.

All in one run.

Remember to smudge yourself first and the circle with sage

And the center stone is your altar as well.

A pinch of tobacco from the heart to anchor the directions and the center stone and to activate the directions

Some drawings on the ground in the four directions and the night can come.




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