Colour is Red
Element is Fire and the mood is passion.
Animals are the creeping and crawling creatures
It is a place of transformation, the place of the child.

We give thanks to our Southern Grandfather.


The firekeeper at work.


The Sun King.

Father of all fires.

Waking up.




You can catch His light with your hand and learn to swallow His energy

The volcano rocks are patiently warming up in the heart of the fire during 5 hours. We welcome the Grandfathers in the sweat lodge. They melt our pride away, give us many lessons and great gifts.


The last rays of the day.
Just for you.
Take a deep breath.

Waking up with the sun.

Going to sleep with the sun.

Dancing with the fire.

Melting in the heat.

Breathing and drinking.

No thoughts. No time. No computer.

Back to the roots.

Touching the magical circle of life.

Sunpower at work.

We may not eat from the rays of the sun yet but we can heat our water and produce electricity. Succah in the desert is an ecological project.




West West

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