Colour is White
Element is Earth
Animals are the four legged
It is the period of the winter, midnight.
It is the time of death.

White symbolizes spirituality.

We give thanks to our northern Grandfather.


The story of the White Wolf of Christine.

In 1990 Spirit instructed Christine to sit in front of a bord, to draw a big circle on it and to meditate on it for a few hours. After 45 minutes of meditation, Christine saw a white wolf jumping out of the board and entering her chest. This was her first experience of shape shifting. She walked in this wolf body with a group of wolves and came back to her place in front of the meditation board several hours later. At the time she did not understand fully what happened. She gradually came to understand, that this had been her initiation into her shamanic teacher role. The wolf came back after with more teachings.

Four years after this first experience, Christine was travelling in Alaska. She entered a shop and there he was: the wolf she first saw in meditation. She bought the wolf and he has since been part of different rituals. He was there when we build our collective medicine circle and during all the talks we shared.

The wolf has been travelling widely with Christine and -as if he was invisible- while travelling, she has never been asked any question about it during any custom security check.

In the middle of our collective Medecine Wheel with the sacred pipe

The two first nigths the sky was pristine. Orion and the pleiades where right above our heads. Those two first nights we slept in tents in the desert. I was longing for the next days: we would sleep outside in the desert, in our medecine wheel.

But when the time came, the sky was covered and cloudy.
The stars played hide and seek behind the clouds: Aldebaran I see you and now you hide away. Gone the pristine skies and my dreams of open space.

Don't wait: when it's time, when the occasion is at hand, just do it.
Take your place here and now.

This one lives in custody.

But a far away brother of him - seemingly free and lonely - came to visit me the first day I was sleeping in my medecine wheel. Is there anything as wild camels in the desert?

Nothing happens by chance.

Every event is Spirit guided. There is no blade of grass moving outside of His will.Is there anything in this world that is not sacred?

They are five and quite impressive.

They sleep all day long on the cushions in the dining tent.

They bark and wake you up at dawn if by chance you where still asleep.

One of them is called Ridge. I first understood Rich.

You'll find them all around the Succah in the desert.


Mothers and sons.

Succah in the desert is hosting different kinds of four legged species.



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