The Elders Logde:
looking back towards tomorrow.

In the center of the Medicine Wheel, you will honour the Elders Lodge.

I am amazed to see that historical Medicine Wheels are preserved in different spots of the US as archeological artefacts. I regularly experience with Christine the living power of the circles. Medicine Wheels are for me a fresh experience, full of life, in no way an archeological trace of a mre or less extinct tradition.

What makes the difference between history and Life?
According to me, a conscious connection with the self and the universe coming from the heart. The star people who first seeded this knowlegde a long time ago are still doing so today. When we listen to the heart, every mve becomes sacred and becomes a ritual.

Pleadian energy was very much there during this Sweat Lodge and this connection with above is there for all to experience anywhere and anytime.

This initiation into the living side of the 'tradition' is at the core of the shamanic program with Christine.

Living from the heart in the Space of the heart.

Who Are The Elders?

There is a large number of First Nations across the country, embracing some 55 languages and major dialects, and constituting 11 linguistic families. The definition of an Elder varies from nation to nation. For example, the Six Nations' definition of their Elders include: Faith Keepers, Clan Mothers, Hereditary Chiefs and Spiritual Leaders. The Algonquin Nation in their teachings an Elder is defined as someone who possesses spiritual leadership which is given by one's cultural and traditional knowledge. This knowledge is found in the teachings and responsibilities associated with sacred entities such as the Pipe, Wampum belt, Drum and Medicine people. In addition to the spiritual recognition given by the Creator and the Spirit World, and elder is given the title and recognition as elder by other elder of his/her respective community and nation. Also one does not have to be a senior citizen to be an elder. The gifted individual is given the position of elder by spiritual and human acceptance and must commit to fulfill his/her responsibilities and respect of the Creator's teachings. Other nations have their own definitions, but their functions are basically the same: to ensure that traditional values, principles and other teachings are passed along, and to provide instruction to help individuals live in the right way.



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