Between 2002 and 2007

Christine Day organized vision quests and chamanic programs. This was an opportunity to build a sweat lodge and medecine wheels in the midst of nature.

Those programs offered a special opportunity to deeply reconnect with the Self with the support of the elements of nature.

The following pictures and stories where gathered during such a program in 2004 in the Negev desert in Israel.

Shamanic Program
with Christine Day

Negev desert - Israël - February 2004

It's 5am, in the middle of nowhere and we meditate as the sun is about to rise above the slopes of the soft hills of the Negev.

I must confess, I was eager to know what this shamanic program was about... So I questionned a few people about it before leaving to Israel but my thirst was not quenched. The good side of not knowing too much about things before they happen is that it helps to avoid expectations.

Let me share with you some of my experiences of this workshop in the following web pages anyway. Maybe you'll get some answers to your own questions? If not, it just feels good to me to offer you this appetizer.

Does the mind ever really knows anything? It can describe things. I can share pictures with you, some words about what happend for me, but I cannot promise that you will sweat while browsing ! And what to speak of the inner side of the experience?

There is bodily knowledge through direct perception. Feeling nature inside and outside. The colours. The sounds. The energy of the sun. Feeling Spirit at work. Meeting one's history and melting it in the rain, the wind and the heat. You will have to read this part of the story between the lines.

We went to Eilat and different other places after the shamanic program. I spiced the following pages with some of the pictures of this trip as well.

Are you ready for more? Click on the directions and the center of the medicine wheel below to travel with me in this virtual vision quest.