The following informations are valid for all programs.
Specific information such as, location, dates, participation fees will be notified for each program in the calendar section.

Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is open to all. No previous contact is needed with the work of Christine. The workshop lasts 4 days. Daily work starts usually at 8.30 a.m. and stops around 4 to 5 p.m. including a lunch break at noon.

Can children take part? (Under 18 y.o.)

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by at least one parent who has already taken the formation. Children older that 14 may be unaccompanied.

What about food and sleeping rooms?

This is a live-in program. Every participant will have a single or double room, depending on the location. Families with or without children can use a common room.

There are 3 daily meals served. According to every days schedule, the timing may change slightly from day to day.

Specifics about rooms and food will be announced for each workshop.

What should you bring along?

  • A large, new, unscented candle. It will burn during the 4 days of the workshop.
  • A crystal- semi precious stone. The size should roughly be as big as a chicken egg. You will hold the crystal in or between your palms. Don't pick a heavy stone. Select a stone that calls you. Try to bring a stone that has not been used for other work. You can eventually leave it in current water for a few days or you could expose the crystal under the rays of the moon and the sun to clean it.

The crystal cannot belong to one of the following families:

Stone Crystal
Pink Quartz
Smooky Quartz

  • A meditation cushion
  • A sheet and blanket reserved for your work on the table.
  • A large non spillable water container - water will be available in the room for refills
  • Paper and pen ( A clean new pad or even better 2 news pads, colour pencils as well)
  • Comfortable clothes for the work.

We will mainly work with four processes during each day of this workshop.

The energy of our group will first be anchored within a sacred circle of sharing which we will all build together. A large part of the transformational work takes place within the circles. This work is both energetic and therapeutic. We are invited to dive into our past history with food and re-experience our relationship with it. Discussion and sharing happens within the circles as well.

The participants receive one or more sessions of Frequencies of Brilliance every day. Those sessions are specifically oriented to prepare the body to be able to manifest the Manna.

Every day we will build Pyramids of Light. This is a group meditation that allows us to enter, touch and integrate the various energies that are preparing the body to receive the Manna.

Every participant must bring a large, unscented candle that will burn for the entire time of the workshop. The participant must also bring a crystal. The crystal will be programmed during the workshop and will be used as a supportive tool to open the channel allowing us to produce the Manna. Part of every day is devoted to some individual meditation with the crystal and the candle.


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