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Conference given in 2007 in Belgium by Christine Day.

I just want to welcome you all here. I'm glad I'm here myself and I feel deeply grateful and honored to be here with all of you. To tell you the truth, I'm moved to be here and it feels like an important night for all of us. I feel the beauty of my life sitting here. I feel really privileged to be able to bring this work into the world. It has brought me into deep connection with my own divine essence. It has healed me so completely on a physical and emotional level and it continues to be the passion of my life. It always surprises me at how passionate I feel about this work.

This work, Frequencies of Brilliance, was channeled through to me in 1986 in Australia. I don't know why I was so blessed to receive it. I guess it was just on my agenda this lifetime. But I am grateful for it and what it has brought so many people. So it is with real pleasure that I'm here tonight to share with you about this work. Two bodies of work came in at the same time. In one or two seconds I had a deep experience of knowing something as if I had studied it for all my life. And believe me, I was not into metaphysics or healing or any sort of belief systems. I was in a real black hole at the time and had been since I was a small child and suddenly this was given to me.

I started with my 4-year-old son who had cerebral palsy. He was epileptic and had chronic lung problems. At 4 years old he was not able to move or to make a sound. When I received the work that day, I decided to put my hands on him and do some of the work that I was shown to do. Within hours he was making sounds for the first time! I worked with him every day. Every day I put my hands on him, something happened inside of me. A healing process began. I worked with him for two years, until he was six. And then he said he wanted no more work done. So I had to honor and respect that. So he was the very, very first person that I worked with.

Knowing and experiencing the changes he had with this work, I had to take it out into the world. I knew somehow I had to bring it to everybody. It started with Amanae, the first body of work. I was told that the other work - Frequencies of Brilliance- was not ready yet to be brought out into the world. But in 1999 I was told it was time. And so Frequencies of Brilliance has been taught in this world for since then. I was told it is a grace given to human kind and that we were ready for it. We as human beings were ready for the grace of this work that touches people so very deeply. It touches them at a deep soul level. Has very little to do with our 3rd dimensional life, our fears, our struggles, time but very much to do with the 4th, 5th dimensional parts of ourselves, our unlimited selves, where fear doesn't exist. There, the truth exists only and time doesn't exist. It reaches us at a deep healing level that bypasses the 3rd dimension. It bypasses it and allows the physical body to heal and the spiritual body to emerge, for us to directly experience that essence of ourselves, to remember it. Each doorway in the body that gets activated brings in a birthing process of remembrance. From the cells, the remembrance of our lives, of the unlimited selves starts to be transmitted. It's pretty exciting !


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