Frequencies of Brilliance - Amanae - Shamanic Program - Manna - Christine Day
Frequencies of Brilliance stage 4

November 2003

The Lutherian retreat center Mount Olivet is surrounded by nature


When we arrived at the Retreat Center there was at least 10 inches of snow ...

The empty Lutherian Chapel before the workshop began

Spirit moves

To fill the

Space we have

Made for it

As a tribute to Wakan Tanka - Greater Spirit -
we learn to make our moves Wakan - Sacred -
because He is there in every stone
every tree
and every breath

Quann Yin on the altar

The Wakan Circle

We will not have Wisdom
Until we have self knowledge.
Strength, understanding, and peace
are found only through a journey within.
By learning how to Live
We bring meaning to our lives
And those we touch





November 14, 1999
The Mount Olivet Retreat Center Chapel is a gathering place for the people of God, for proclaiming the gospel and for bringing life and hope to all people

At the entry of the chapel on the wall


The creative power of the word shapes
our very existence. These words arise out
of the Earth and speak of the connection
between all living things. They become
the stories that define us
as people and bind us all together.


To be in harmony
with all things
you must first be
in harmony
with yourself

Lakota proverb

Earth is our Mother
She nourishes us.
All living things are connected
and we share an equal relationship
with the earth and all her creatures.

It is from this connection
that we come to understand
the power of nature and the
importance of living in harmony
with the earth and one another

A single twig breaks
But a bundle of twigs is strong

Tecumseeh Shawnee

It's all there
in the Light

How many massage tables can you fit
in the back of a pick up?

It depends on the size
of your smile

There's a lot of energy here.

Take a breath.

The greatest strenghts
are gentelness
and kindness

Mohawk Proverb

Remember to


drink a lot of water


and take a deep breath !

If you fly to or from St Paul
Take a look at the shop
Spirit of the red Horse
In the shopping area
After checking in.

I bought a notebook
'Mind and Spirit'
- A journey Within
With paintings from fritz Sholder
Some or the quotes or text
you found above
And some cristals for...

Stage 5?

Thank you Christine.