Manna Teachers Program
Some memories of the worshop held in mai 2005 in Brazil


To find unity
In the mosaic of life.

To find stillness,
In movement and action

To allow and to become
What is already there,
Forever existed
And never will cease.

The autumn in Brazil
Heat and moisture

A perfect climate to hatch

The sacred circle
  An open door
    Towards other dimensions
      Of this life
        Usually experienced
          Through the narrow attic window
            Of our education.

The candle on the alter
Burns at the rhythm
Of our work
In the sacred circle

The flame
In our heart
Burns at the rhythm
Of our thirst for living

The dance of the crystals
In the vortex
Drop the idea to understand
Trust your intuition
In the moment


When the symbols
Assemble one by one

We grow
And make place
To accommodate them

In the unlimited space
Of our Heart

Look at
The dancing flames
Brother Bear
The clan of wolves
The stargate
Are in your hand



Each morning

The rising sun

Offers an occasion to grow

An invitation to take

Our place in this world.



Where are we coming from?

Where are we going to?

Born on top
Of the waves

Seated as a king
For the time of a roller
Proudly white
At the top of the waves
Thinking to be in control.

It lands
Very soon
On the beach
Drying and dying
In the sun.

Every morning
After one hour of meditation  
We left for the beach    
To greet the rising sun      
And to offer this body        
To the strength          
of the rollers            
To offer             
the separated ego               
To the foam                
Of the waves                   

When the dazzling sun
Of our Soul
Rises in the heart

The clouds
Of confusion
And the darkness
Of ignorance
Dissipate without effort.

Of course it always rains somewhere on the sea
A question of point of view .
There is always a corner of blue sky elsewhere.

When seen from high above,
In a single step one crosses the ocean.

Is an open book
Ready to teach
To the one
Who listens,
And looks.

But you need to slow down
And open the inner eye
In the heart
Where lies
The source of the universe.

Frequencies of Brilliance - Amanae - Shamanic Program - Manna - Christine Day
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