A short description of all levels available is following with some pictures of previous trainings.

FOB I: This basic 12 or 14 days training of Frequencies of Brilliance allows you to immediately practice this method.

Amanae - Brainwork: During this workshop you will learn to work on some parts of the physical body with Amanae. The doorways that are opened with Amanae enhance the ability of the body to receive the brainwork that is thought during Stage I. A lot of the experience gathered by Christine on her work on children is transmitted during this workshop. (4 days - FOB I is a prerequisite)

Amanae - Brainwork (Advanced): Is an extension of the previous stage, on other points of the body

FOB II : Level 2 is an initiation to the consciousness of the Bone (4 days - FOB I is a prerequisite)

FOB III : With level 3 you will learn to produce Manna.

This 5 days live in program is available to practitioners having completed level 2. Learning to produce and to ingest Manna is now also available to anyone in a 4 days live in program. This program is thought by different practitioners. ( See the Manna section of this web site for more information).

Manna Teachers Program: Is available to FOB III practitioners interested in leading public Manna workshops.

FOB IV :Level 4 is an initiation to healing work on the heart, the lungs, the liver and the kidney. (Prerequisite: level 3).

FOB V :Level 5 is an extended initiation to the healing work on all organs as well as an initiation to the work on the stomach and the intestine. From this level on, it becomes possible to give remote sessions. (Prerequisite: level 4).

FOB VI :Level 6 introduces the work with the Diamond of Light energy and introduces the work on the colon and the sexual organs.(Prerequisite level 5).

FOB VII :Level 7 expands the work with the Diamond of Light energy on the Grid and introduces the work on the lymphatic system and the skin. (Prerequisite level 6)

FOB VIII :Level 8 introduces new dimentional tools and the work on 2 organs. (Prerequisite level 7)

FOB IX :Level 9 introduces new dimentional tools to create healing and alignement on all levels. (Prerequisite level 8).

FOB X :Level 10 introduces new dimentional tools to manifest intentions based on a meditation on the sacred heart. (Prerequisite level 9).

FOB XI Level 11 introduces the work with the Time Relaease Patterns. (Prerequisite level 10).

FOB XII Level 12 introduces the work with the Star Energies. (Prerequisite level 11).

FOB XIII and XIV Initiates the reconnection with our unique divine signature. (Prerequisite level 12).

Please note that all workshops are given in english and depending on the location are eventually translated to a local language.

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