14-Day Certification Program

"As these doorways are opened in the body,
you set yourself free and begin to live your passion,
experiencing who you are moment by moment.
Remember, you are the gift to this world."
Christine Day


The Frequencies of Brilliance 14-Day Certification Program is a new level of the multi-dimensional Amanae energy work. This work was channeled over 14 years ago, through Christine Day, along with the original Amanae multi-dimensional bodywork. It in no way replaces the original Amanae work; but it is the next level of teaching that Christine Day has been shown to teach. This training is a certification program, which enables you to work on clients with Frequencies of Brilliance.

. . . opens you up to receiving birthing frequencies of Remembrance . . .
The Frequencies of Brilliance process opens you up to receiving birthing frequencies of Remembrance that activate all cells throughout the body, awakening new areas of the brain, completing DNA re-patterning, and emerging into a new truth and frequency of reality. This process changes the frequencies of the body and prepares us for the transition to higher dimensions of consciousness.

The work is done on the physical body or just above the body, through a series of doorways that hold the purest frequencies of remembrance of Truth. This process allows us to bypass the illusion of the 3rd dimensional reality, allowing us to directly experience the True Light that is here for us to live and be. During this process, you will be encouraged to move and expand as completely as possible into these experiences of Self. Awakening occurs on a physical and spiritual level, within your body and within your world.

. . . creates and activates birthing frequencies of divine truth . . .
The training is 14 days. The first 10 days is the initiation stage, where through a daily process of table work, sacred geometry formation experiences and sacred circle work to integrate the 4th/5th dimensional energies into your body, you emerge and recollect Self. The initiation process is deep and intense, involving the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the Self.

This initiation process creates and activates birthing frequencies of divine truth to be activated in the cells of the body and brain so that you begin to be initiated into Self - recollecting and experiencing your divine aspects.
There is a very powerful anchoring process of your light that takes place in the body during the program. The program is designed specifically to align you with the work individually and to bring the sacred spaces of the Self into your body so that you can be a greater part of the whole.

It is within the sacred geometry formations you will be working in alignment with sacred geometric forms, which will assist you in anchoring these energies into your body and aligning you with your divine aspects.
The sacred circle process plays a very important role. The energy of the circle builds day by day and a lot of the energetic integrating processes take place in this sacred space. So, within the circle, you have many individual processes as well as important growth experiences. Taking your full place in the circle is very important.

. . . activating new areas of the brain that have not been accessed in this lifetime.
An incredible part of the work involves activating new areas of the brain that have not been accessed in this lifetime. Through a series of special techniques and exercises the muscles of these brain areas are developed and expanded. This training program also includes developing and building relationships with the Sacred Spiral, and the Apex of the Sacred Geometry of the Pyramid that align with the DNA, bones, and cells of the body.
Through this combination of hands-on energetic table work, sacred geometry formation work, and the circle integrating, you unfold and birth yourself into your initiation.

This certification program initiates you to embody these higher frequencies and to be able to share this work, as a practitioner, with others in private sessions.
In addition to the training program, Christine Day will provide follow-up training days, scheduled over a period of months, to help solidify and expand your process. In keeping with her commitment to provide support and follow up, Christine Day is donating her time for the follow-up portion of the training. As a practitioner, you will have continued support as you learn and embody this process, so the full integrity of the work can be realized.

NOTE: The program participation is on an approval basis.

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