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The Frequencies of Brilliance... was received in 1987 by Christine Day, who was also given the information for Amanae, a form of hands-on, emotional release bodywork. Though Amanae has been available for some years, it is only since the year 1999 that Christine and, now, other practitioners have been offering the Frequencies of Brilliance work.

Basic to Frequencies of Brilliance is the assumption that, in addition to our existence within the physical body, each of us is also a Being of Light. This process connects us to that Light, allowing us to unfold and realise our Selves with less effort and struggle.

Frequencies of Brilliance is powerful energetic work that affects and alters the frequencies within our body; it alters the DNA, awakens, and activates dormant and new areas of the brain.

The actual work is done by activating specific energy doorways, which exist on and above the body. As the work is performed, all cells are awakened, both physically and spiritually. This process enables development, growth and healing on all levels.

A special focus of the Frequencies of Brilliance has been the repair and healing of the brain. Through the accessing of the energy doorways, the body - and especially the brain - receives an enhanced flow of oxygen, thus enabling the body to receive the Frequencies of Brilliance. Adults have received this work with wonderful results, but the most subtle and dramatic results have been achieved with children.

The Frequencies work has had dramatic results with epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, learning disabilities, brain and head injuries, dyslexia, hyperactivity, delayed development, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer.

Frequencies of Brilliance is a 4th/5th/6th dimensional work. The process is that of activating doorways by lightly touching the body or working just above the body. These doorways are to be found in patterns on the front and back of the body. Each doorway holds the highest aspect of the human being and is complete in itself. This means that there is a perfect potential to be accessed and activated throughout the doorways in the body.

A recollection of yourself, a birthing of remembrance of your highest potential which begins to transmit and awaken through your cells so that you begin to consciously remember and experience the unlimited self. It does not work with the ego mind, rather, through the entire nervous system and brain, and the spiral in the cells and spinal fluid. New areas of the brain begin to function for the first time. You begin to recollect and connect to gifts of YOURSELF.

Physical and emotional healing takes place within the physical and emotional bodies with this process because as you access the divine aspects of you - you as your own healer begin to automatically transform the physical and emotional body.

What happens in a Frequencies of Brilliance Session?

A Frequencies of Brilliance session takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes. It is a 4th/5th dimensional body work that is done by a simple touch on the body, or just above the body. The practitioner opens-up to creating a unique session just for you. Opening a series of doorway patterns that activate certain energetic memories that communicate to the cells and begin your awakening process. Each session of this work is uniquely mapped just for you - for your next step.

This mapping activates a series of doorways in your body, back and/or front. Each doorway contains birthing frequencies that get transmitted into the cells of the body and brain. These frequencies awaken the remembrance process so that a journey of recollecting yourself occurs. It lifts veils that have prevented you in the past from remembering. These energetic patterns lift the veils of illusion so that you embrace a deeper experience of truth and the unlimited aspect of yourself.

New areas of the brain are awakened in this work, so that you begin to perceive the illusion of this 3rd dimensional reality more easily and return back to a natural state of truth in the 4th/5th dimensional realms. Natural gifts return as this awakening takes place. This work has come at a time of grace for this planet.

Each session is complete in itself and deals with healing physical dysfunction, addictions, mental /emotional problems, spiritual alignment, and awakening.

Your journey begins as you leave the session.

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