As the Shift is accelerating, the Pleiadians are increasing the number of Self-Awakening Transmissions being offered to the public.

Christine will be presenting these FREE transmissions through a number of different avenues and methods, including:

  • Occasional live teleclasses and events throughout the year
  • Free Internet TV Broadcasts that take place on the last Sunday of every other month
  • A free regular Internet Radio Broadcast that will include at least one transmissions at 12.30pm and again at 7.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month via the World Puja Network. Each broadcast will include two transmissions.

During each of these unique broadcasts, Christine will be setting the energy for and transmitting expanded and unique frequencies of love specifically designed to initiate you into expanded levels of your own Light Self.

The Pleiadians are committed to working with every individual that chooses to take this next step. Each of these special broadcasts is designed to hold an unlimited potential of birthing possibilities which will take you into a new level of conscious connection to your Self. With this new connection you will be more easily able to access understanding and knowledge of the Universal principles, and align with these principles. These initiating energies will then align you more completely into your place within the Universal Consciousness, enabling you to align back to Universal Truth, access your blueprint for this lifetime, and gain a new level of clarity, which in turn will allow you to begin to access your intuition and take your next steps on the path.


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