The Self Healing Prophecy—What is It?

The Self Healing Prophecy energy began anchoring on our planet in November 2008 during a Public Transmission from the Pleidians . This anchoring process will continue until the year 2012 to assist in the transformation of the planet from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

The Self-Healing Prophecy energies are also assisting the individual to align with the aspects of their natural birthright which is abundance on all levels. As one utilizes other levels of the Prophecy energy, it will aid the individual in physical self healing allowing the self to become conscious in co-creating their world and abundance. One will also begin to align with higher light aspects of Self, releasing negative self-judgment, accepting a new sense of yourself within the world and the Universal Consciousness. An individual will become more deeply aligned with the Spiritual energies, working in partnership with Spirit and the energetic realms.

Working within the Prophecy energies opens one’s awareness of their role in this unfolding planetary dimensional shift and enhances their ability to access the support available to them, linking into a deeper state of oneness and the Unconditional Love flowing within this connection.

This unconditional love then opens one to all the peoples of your world, opening the individual heart so that one can work within the Sacred Heart. These heart connections will assist the human beings who are awakening at this time to reconnect with their soul group. Once connected, the Prophecy energies will then assist soul groups to come together to complete their assigned tasks.

As one becomes more aligned with Spirit and accessing the help available, the realignment to the individual energetic blueprint occurs. Once this happens, the inner conflicts subside and the outer conflicts subside as well. This event then allows this heart energy to radiate and loving transformation occurs—transformation on a personal and planetary level.

Know that the Pleiadians play an important role with you as you begin to work with this Self- Healing Prophecy energy.

See schedule of upcoming Pleiadian Events, Level 1-11 of the Self Healing Prophecy by clicking here.


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