3-Day Pleiadian Seminar

Anyone who feels drawn to this work can attend without first having to undergo any prior training or preparatory work.

Throughout this unique event, you will experience direct contact with the Pleiadians using a crystal grid vortex. This vortex will make it possible to work within the Stargate Energies and the 4th/5th & 6th dimensional space to:

  • Utilize the sacred geometry formations
  • Open up many different dimensional spaces
  • Enable the Angels, Light Beings and Masters to come into the workspace grid to assist you during the initiation process and aid your transformation
  • Access higher truth and knowledge
  • Assist your birth into deeper levels of your awakening and activate another level in your self-realization process
  • Reconnect with aspects of your own personal power and integrate these energies into your energetic field
  • Receive direct communication from the Pleiadians
  • Align to the higher levels of the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions
  • Enable you to open to and receive more levels of the Self Healing Prophecy
  • Experience individual awakenings as well as powerful group experiences

As you align with these processes, you will not only enter a much more peaceful state that will enable you to create positive changes in your relationships with others and your Self; you will also form your own personal relationship with the Pleiadians that will enable you to continue working with them in your daily life.

There will also be channeled information and dialogue with the Pleiadian energies, along with opportunities to ask questions directly to the Pleiadians during this time.

It is very powerful to come together in groups to experience the work. As larger numbers of people are opened up, there is an accelerated awakening that takes place for each individual in the group.


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