Christine Day

was born and raised in Australia.

In 1987, with advanced Lupus and two months to live, she realized she had created something to end her life. At that moment she also realized that if she could create something to end her life, she could also create something to heal it. Getting off medication, changing her diet, eating natural herbs, receiving bodywork, and getting help to deal with sexual and other child abuses, her health started turning around. She realizes now that it was her taking back her self-healing power. Six months later this work came to her. Within a 2-3 second time period she had a complete system of healing, of helping people to step into their own personal power, that she'd been totally unaware of moments before. As soon as she began working with people and witnessing the transformations that took place, she knew that it was a very powerful healing technique. Her journey has led her to Northern California where she has founded with Pat Burdy a school teaching students to become Certified Amanae practitioners.

A word from Christine

I received Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance at the same time in 1987. It was only in July of 1999, 12 years after it was given to me, that I was given direction to bring this work out into the world, that we, as a human race were ready, that there was a grace period being opened up for us on this earth plane, that we were ready to integrate the frequencies of this work into ourselves, lifting the veils of illusion and opening to a more complete aspect of our divine selves.

It is truly a humbling experience to be holding a platform for this work on this planet at this time. It has propelled me further into my own divine aspect of the whole and I have witnessed the transformation of many people who have gone through the initiation of this process, and witnessed the deep healing that has taken place in individuals who have had sessions.

I am currently living in USA, working in the USA, in Europe (Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy), Brazil and Argentina and Israel. My mission at this time is to teach this work to as many people as possible throughout the world. This is my commitment to spirit and as I do this I am living my passion and fulfilling my mission here on this earth plane.

With Love and Blessings to each one of you,

Christine Day

The following interview of Christine Day by Kathryn Brinkley appeared in Kinetics Mag online

As the publisher of Kinetics Magazine, I receive an incredible amount of books and manuscripts every month from other publishers and publicists hoping to promote their client's latest work. I do my best to peruse as many of these as possible in an attempt to discover works that are truly unique and inspiring to feature in our upcoming editions. Well, I must confess that the instant I opened the priority mail package from Warwick and Associates containing a copy of Christine Day's book, PLEIADIAN INITIATIONS OF LIGHT, spirit bumps spread up and down my arms, for I intuitively sensed I'd struck pay dirt! I sat down at my desk and immediately starting reading it. The words on the page took on a life of their own, a vitality that filled my being with sparkling surges of energy. I knew these words were coming from a higher source, and it was as if they were written just for me. Christine's description of our changing times was simply stunning to me:

" Becoming more awakened brings us into a different state of consciousness. We actually have a different vibration in our cells. It's a frequency of love, and as we move through the world, it affects the people around us, and all living things.

Some people are afraid to allow these changes to take place, because they don't know what these changes are going to bring to them in their lives. How are things going to change? It's important to understand that your free will is intact, and you will not have to do anything that does not feel right for you. It may be that you will just live, and transmit that vibration of love through the planet wherever you go. That is enough; you are enough!"

In PLEIADIAN INITIATIONS OF LIGHT, Ms. Day successfully and lovingly conveys the phenomenal depth of concern the extra-planetary brotherhood holds for humanity. She makes it clear each of us has a very special role to play in the ascension of our planet into the upper realms of elevated love and light. Yet, prior to that ascension, she also eloquently expresses the need for us to align more intimately with our true Self and Light. To assist us in this process of paramount important, throughout her book, Ms Day takes us step-by-step through the Initiations of Light that have been taught to her by the Pleiadians themselves. As she so beautifully writes:

"When you open up to your Self you will become able to play your part more fully and consciously in this transition of the earth, because you will have a greater awareness of the energies around you. The planet needs more people living in the consciousness connected state with Spirit, awakening to the light of themselves, and consciously anchoring their light onto the planet. As you take you place, you can then play an active part in helping to anchor all light energies on the planet. As you participate in this way you will be accelerating your own self-realization process, expanding your Sacred Heart, deepening your connection to the Self. One action feeds the other, building your essence of love and connection to your place within the Universal consciousness."

I believe PLEIDIAN INITIATIONS OF LIGHT is a monumental work that will serve as a treasured addition to everyone's spiritual library. It contains brilliant insights, guidelines and wisdom certain to help us all gain access to the next level of our spiritual evolution, healing and resurrection. Today, Ms. Day teaches the healing processes, - Amanae and the Frequencies of Brilliance - she's learned from the Pleiadians. Amanae is a powerful body work which specifically facilitates the release of old, sometimes unconscious traumas and emotional blockages. Frequencies of Brilliance is a powerful, multi-dimensional energy work that supports us in connecting more fully with our divine uniqueness. This allows us to let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviors that have created tension, pain, and illness in our lives.

To follow is an intriguing conversation I shared recently with the remarkable Ms. Christine Day. I know you will enjoy it!

Kathryn: Hi Christine! Kathryn Brinkley here. Thank you so much for this interview, I've really been looking forward to it.

Christine: Thank you, me too! It's so nice to speak with you.

Kathryn: You know, I have to tell you that I am always very well prepared for my interviews. I know my subject, inside and out, and I write down all my questions beforehand. So, I've read your wonderful book, and I've listened to the CDs that came with it. Yet, when it was time to write my questions, my higher guidance instructed me to just let the interview prepare no questions in advance.

Christine: Well, that certainly doesn't surprise me. That always seems to be the case. In fact, it's the way I live my life so I'm glad.

Kathryn: Alright then... let's get started! For those readers who might not be familiar with your work, I want to begin with your personal story, for it is most fascinating and awe-inspiring. At the very beginning of your book you write about how it felt being diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 31. As a matter of fact, the doctors gave you only a few months to live!

Christine: Yes, that's right. I think that is a very important story for people to relate to, along with some of the processes in the book. So much of my story evolved from being abused as a child. I was given over to a cult, by my parents, when I was two years old. And over the years, I was systematically broken down until there was nothing left of me.

In the process, I had to allow myself to break down because that was really the only way I survived those years. But it left me truly disabled as a person, as an adult, to know who I was or to even understand that I was actually a real person. Consequently, at age 31, I was a person in the world, but really at a very black place where I did not know how to be a human being. I would look at other people and copy how they lived. In that way, I learned how to at least look like I was living. Inside, however, I was dying from all the pain of the past. I had never dealt with any of the trauma from my childhood. So, at 31 I was given a death sentence and told I only had about eight weeks to live. I knew, at the moment, I really did want to die. This just happened to be the first time I'd admitted it to myself.

Then, the first inspired thought of my life came to me. I realized that I had created something to kill myself! Believe it or not, that thought brought up a feeling of utter excitement because I didn't believe I was capable of creating anything at all. I didn't believe I was that powerful, or had any impact on anything. The next thing, and I believe it was another inspired thought, that came to me was that if I could create something to kill myself, I could also create something to heal myself. As powerful a thought as this was, I can't say that I fully understood it. I couldn't understand a lot of things in those days. But as I look back in retrospect, I do know that was the moment I took my power back. I knew that I was regaining something very important in myself.

At that point, I left the hospital, and all of the doctors, behind me. I knew that if I was going to live I had to change things. Yet, at the same time, I didn't know how that was going to happen either because I wasn't connected to any religion or any sort of belief system. I was completely empty inside - I wasn't in healing or anything else. I was just into trying to get through everyday in that base survival mode.

Kathryn: Christine, what kind of cult did your parents turn you over to when you were a child?

Christine: It was a satanic cult. Here's what happened: my mother came down with polio when I was one year old. Now, unfortunately, she was a fairly evil person and when the polio crippled her, she blamed me. The cult intervened and promised to heal her of the polio in exchange for me. That was the agreement. My father was already a member of the cult and my mother gave me over for the healing which of course did not take place.

But I was with the cult, and a tremendous amount of ritual and abuse for many years.

Kathryn: And how did you free yourself from that?

Christine: You see, the cult is only interested in innocence. So, when you get to a certain age - the age of seven - they see you as no longer having what they would call the "magic ingredient" for their ceremonies and rituals. Therefore, you're a focus point until age seven, and then once you hit twelve or puberty, you are no longer wanted. They don't want you around. At thirteen I was no longer used by the cult, but I was also no longer really in existence.

Kathryn: Of course, at that point you were damaged beyond imagining...

Christine: Exactly, exactly...and then, at home there was a tremendous amount of abuse. It was an impossible place for anything to grow being in that family. I can tell you that I don't quite know how I survived it all except I really believe that I've been given the grace to move through that space. I believe I needed to experience it. In a way, I feel like I was given the wounds of the healer. And it has all brought me to an incredible place of love and compassion. I now have the ability to hold the space for many people to heal.

Kathryn: So, Christine, you believe you had that experience so you could help other people to heal from that kind of devastating experience in their past?

Christine: You know, they are not many people I meet who have been through anything more extreme than I. Not that I am trying to compare, it's just that it allows for a steady holding of an energetic platform for people to feel that it is possible to move through that kind of trauma. So, it does carry with it an enormous healing potential. I do believe that we choose who we want to come in as, and the experiences we want to move through and unfold into in our lives. I think I chose this extreme so I would have to come a long way back to heal and find myself again. And I certainly have accomplished that.

Kathryn: Yes, you certainly have! With this horrendous abuse behind you, you grew up, moved away from home, married and had children. How were you able to function with any sense normalcy after all you'd been through?

Christine: I didn't. I feel I was very disassociated. I loved my children, I had a lot of love for them and I was connected to them. You know, in Australia you have your children and you stay home with them. So, I wasn't working yet, it was a difficult thing to learn how to bring them up, and how to discipline them because I didn't have any of that as a child. Instead, I had such an extreme setting as a child. I didn't have any healthy role models really.

Kathryn: So, did you read books on child rearing or take classes?

Christine: No, you know, when you're a young mother you have friends you have associations. I was in different play group settings and so forth and I learned a lot that way. But, I think there was always a part of me that was very desperate inside. And I was kept very hidden for a long time. So I was able to give my children the love and a supportive basis for them to grow, but inside of me there was a part badly missing. I mean I was really empty.

Kathryn: How old were the children when you were diagnosed with Lupus?

Christine: Well, I was into my second marriage by that time and my youngest child was four. My other two were 14 and 13. When I left the hospital and came home, it was as though I didn't know what to do. I had heard of meditation, but I really didn't know how to do it so, I just sat. I knew I had a lot of emotional trauma inside that I hadn't dealt with so I started psychotherapy. I started herbs, and that's basically what I did. I now realize how naive I was at the time because one might say, "well all that is not going to do you any good." But I believed that me taking my power back, and by making a decision to heal, I would. And I don't know how I knew this except I believe I was already being given inspiration, even though I didn't understand it. So I would just sit quietly everyday; that's what I called meditation. About six months later I started to experience this pure, intense, exquisite vibe coming into me, and I was given this healing process. It was as though I had known it all my life; I knew these two bodies of work intimately.

I had my four-year old son at home and he was severely comprised by health issues. So, I decided to put my hands on him to try out this work. As I did, I was filled with Light and I could feel myself being healed as well. Also, within hours of working with my son, there were astounding changes within him. In fact, an incredible transformation occurred with myself and my son - we've always shared a very deep connection - as I worked with him everyday for two years. We both healed, in different ways. For me, my Lupus cleared up, I became much healthier. My connection to God and Spirit appeared, and I don't think I'd ever felt that in my life. It was as though I was soaking it up like the sun, through my body. I could feel myself getting stronger, but I was also feeling a relationship grow with this Light. I called it very simply, God, because I didn't know anything else. Being filled with this Light, it just grew, steadily, over those two years.

Kathryn: So, what I hear you saying is that it just wasn't when you were putting your hand on your son that you felt the Light. You were experiencing it all through the day?

Christine: Yes, it didn't leave me and it brought this presence of peace and a sense of being held and bathed in this incredible love. I could sense being healed on so many levels at that time.

Kathryn: In your book, I believe you call this Light, Amanae. Is that correct?

Christine: Yes, it was Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance. Those bodies of work came through at the same time. And I used them both to work with my son. At that time, I was receiving directives from Spirit, and I made a commitment to follow those directives because I was being brought, from death, back into life. And that's how I felt, as if I was living again. Before, I wasn't living at all. So, I was getting messages, and the messages were that I needed to bring these healing processes out into the world. Well, that was a very difficult thing because at that time I went from being physically ill, to being emotionally disabled as all of the trauma from my past was coming to the surface. Being around other people was very hard so I spent most of my time alone. Yet, the message was, "take this out...this has to go out into the world!" I'm thinking to myself, "there's no way that's going to happen. I'm not going out there!"

Kathryn: How did you receive these messages, Christine? Did you actually hear a voice or were you impressed with the thought? How did they come to you?

Christine: Mostly, through thought transference. It was like something coming into my mind that was not mine. It always came with a particular energy I could identify. So, I committed to do what I was told to do. Over time people heard of me working with my son so they would bring me their children. As I worked with them, they too would have an experience of healing. Through word of mouth, more and more people would come. I worked with them all. Soon after I was asked to teach the work. I then decided to set up very small groups to share the work. It didn't take long before I was very busy doing this. My marriage crumbled because I changed; I transformed a lot. I was no longer the person my husband married. I'd been a very needy person. But through the work I became very happy, probably for the first time in my life. This made my husband very miserable. You know, some people just can't bear happy people. So, even though my marriage crumbled, I went on being happy, loving my children, and teaching the work. But the directives kept coming. One day I received this directive that I was to leave Australia, leave my children and go to America. And they wanted me there in one month's time! That was a very difficult time...knowing it was my next step and that my children would never look at me the same way again. I had no idea where I was going, what I was to do. But they said the work had to be anchored here in the United States. As it turned out, my children went to be with their fathers.

Kathryn: That had to be a huge and painful step in your life. Did you ever find out why it had to be anchored in the United States as opposed to Australia?

Christine: Yes, I actually did. I'll tell you seriously, I never fit in, in Australia. I've always been different. Australians are fairly closed. Yet, when I came to America it was as if I'd found my place. When I arrived I had no idea of what I was to do or where I was to go. A week before I left for the States, I saw there was a program starting two days after I was to arrive. I rang and I booked into that class. My ticket was for San Francisco, the program was being held in Mt. Shasta and I thought Mt. Shasta was a suburb of San Francisco, at the time. But the woman I talked to on the phone about the program offered to pick me up at the airport and take me to Mt. Shasta. It was quite like I'd jumped off a cliff! And I stayed in Mt. Shasta for the next year. It was really an amazing thing for me. I went through so many initiations while I was there. Of course, the Pleiadian ships go in and out of the mountain there so there's a tremendous energy present. But I wasn't aware of the Pleiadians at that time. In my mind, I was still working with Spirit and God. Yet, the work just took off once I reached America because this was always meant to be the anchoring place. Personally, I was thriving during this time as I came into a deeper healing place with myself. My energy expanded; I felt that I was able to hold a much more expanded space of Light. I began to work with much larger groups of people in workshop settings. Still, I was teaching only the Amanae process because I was told the world was not yet ready for Frequencies of Brilliance.

Twelve months later, my youngest son moved to the States to join me. He was eight when I left Australia and ten when he joined me here. My work steadily expanded; we opened schools, I started teaching throughout the United States and then I was invited to teach in Israel, Europe, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Finally, in 1999, I was told it was time to introduce Frequencies of Brilliance, the world was ready!

Kathryn: And what is the difference between these two works?

Christine: They were actually birthed in the same moment and they interact with each other so, they can be done together. In fact, they are very strong together. But one (Amanae) is a physical, hands-on the body process, and the other (Frequencies of Brilliance) is an energetic work done with a light touch or just above the body. This is a high-level multidimensional healing work that actually opens up another dimensional space (other than 3rd dimension). It aligns the person receiving the work with the Light of themselves so they can self-heal.

Kathryn: Christine, what do you mean specifically when you say this work aligns them to the Light of themselves? Please explain exactly what that means to you...

Christine: It's what I call the divine, unique aspect of each one of us. We all have a divine level of higher Light within us that we are, that is not in the physical body and we are not aligned to at this time. So, that houses outside our body until we are willing to open up and remember to start anchoring our own spiritual natures. It's basically a self-realization process.

Kathryn: So, it is like our Higher Self?

Christine: It is exactly the Higher Self.

Kathryn: And we can slowly but surely, through the practice of the Frequencies of Brilliance, start to adopt more and more of our spiritual qualities while we're still in the physical...

Christine: Yes, and the Frequencies of Brilliance is an initiation process where we gradually align more and more completely into that higher aspect of ourselves as we begin to birth and anchor that pure Light force of ourselves into the physical form. In this way, we will experience a full awakening of ourselves and start to work with our full spiritual natures.

Kathryn: What do you notice, most typically, when people take part in your workshops and start to anchor in more and more of their own Light? What happens in their lives as a result?

Christine: What I love about's so beautiful it bring me to that it really brings in their conscious awareness of the fact they are one with all things. It is very gentle, in a way yet, very powerful. Suddenly people start to understand and have a direct experience with the fact they are one with the natural forces, one with all life forces in the universe. At that point, they cease to feel they are alone. That is one of the pieces; another piece is they start to begin to experience the spiritual realms and the energy that is here to help us in our alignment to it. That is a common step that takes place with the Frequencies of Brilliance work. There is also another aspect where people start to take a full role in bringing about their own healing. They sense another level of their own being and well-being. Often they get a direct experience of their own cells vibrating. As the Light comes in from the Higher Self the cells begin to vibrate with that Light. It is them birthing themselves, that's the most beautiful part. The Pleiadians are here and have brought forth this work, right now, to assist humankind in moving and awakening their consciousness to that spiritual nature. And they are also assisting us in birthing this planet into the fourth/fifth dimensional reality that it's in the process of moving into now as we go through this transition time.

Kathryn: Why do the Pleiadians have such a vested interest in what happens here on Earth?

Christine: I think that is a very good question to ask. The Pleiadians are part of the Oneness, of the God-essence, just like we are. Until we, as human beings, awaken to ourselves as jewels in the spiritual oneness, we all can't celebrate our union - that united consciousness we all are. So, the Pleiadians are helping us to work towards that because they are part of that as well. They are from a fifth dimensional consciousness and a planet of unconditional love. They've transformed and moved well beyond where we are in the awakening. Part of their role, this lifetime, is to be here on the earth plane to assist us in taking these steps forward so that we can also transition into the fifth dimensional consciousness.

Kathryn: Christine, have you been made aware of any other star groups that are working with us now or are you working solely with the Pleiadians?

Christine: I work directly with the Pleiadians, but there are many other star systems and alien energies that are coming in to assist at this time. From the Universal Consciousness, there is a group that is holding planet Earth (including the spiritual realms) to assist. Many are working on the gridlines to balance the Earth, right now, for the transition. They are aligning all over the planet, many star groups, not just the Pleiadians. They are all here to help in the transformation.

Kathryn: What does the transformation look like to you?

Christine: Well, it's powerful. Just in the last few years I've received some very clear pictures of the transformation. And the fact is, the Earth is going to go through a birth.

Some people say it is going to be the end of the Earth, and I don't see that as the truth, at all. I see it as a transition period. With every earthquake we have on this plane, they are actually shifting the Earth, and those of us on the Earth, into another dimensional consciousness. We have to transform as a planet and as a consciousness. So the planet is going from third into the fourth/fifth dimension. That means consciousness has to shift as well which is a wonderful thing. But with it comes birth and upheaval. So, I see a lot of change in the land masses. I see that those of us, who are not ready to go through the shift in consciousness, will leave the planet. Really, we are all going to move. If you stay on this planet, you are going to go through a big shift. If you leave the planet, you're going to go through a big shift. There is no death, there's just the next step! So, some will leave the planet going to their next step - those who are not ready, right now, to move past the struggle, the anger, the fear, the aggression, the separation.

Kathryn: Now, we're talking about millions of people.

Christine: Well, everyone has a choice right now or else we wouldn't be here on the earth plane. There are many people who will not stop war, who will not stop the separation, who are not ready to change and have this different experience. They will move on; they will leave the planet. Those of us who have a consciousness change and are willing to move from the third dimensional illusion, ready to birth into our spiritual natures, will stay.

Kathryn: In regard to the millions you see leaving the planet - will that happen through catastrophic means or will they leave their bodies through illness?

Christine: Many are choosing to leave through illness right now. But, through the many earth changes there will be loss as well. Those lost will be the ones who were unwilling to create the new world here. It is coming, and that is how I've been shown it.

Kathryn: How long do you feel this transition will take to complete itself?

Christine: I see it accelerating until 2012. I know the Pleiadians are holding a special energetic they call, The Self-Healing Prophecy. It started at the beginning of 2009 and they are going to be running that right through to the end of 2012. This Self-Healing Prophecy is designed to help us awaken at an accelerated rate as a human race. Earth changes will also accelerate in 2012, it will be a powerful time. And I don't think it will go on much past 2013 to 2014.

Kathryn: You say you see many changes. Some land masses will rise while others disappear...

Christine: Yes, I see the borders where the oceans are going to come into the land more. I think there will be some land masses that will disappear under water.

Kathryn: Do you see any "safe zones" for those who choose to remain here?

Christine: Yes, there's a real safe place, that's why they've moved me here! The Pleiadians told me I had to move and that the center of the country, away from the oceans, is the safest place to be. They've moved me to Minneapolis, Minnesota. They moved me four years ago and they said this is where there will be the least changes taking place. I'm very happy here, but that's what their comment was.

Kathryn: Well, that's very interesting. I must say I do love Minneapolis! So, Christine, please share with me your vision of things to come, when all the transitioning is complete.

Christine: I see a change in society, a change in the government's control. Wherever there are lies, there will be a complete breakdown. It seems now there is rarely any truth as far as the governments are concerned. So, I see the governments collapsing and new communities forming through another level of truth. I see the separations between countries are no longer in place. I see a much more well-ordered world alliance. And I see the Pleiadians as our neighbors. I see the spiritual realms being a part of our conscious lives, and that we work in alignment with Universal consciousness. We work as a whole, and move towards an unconditionally loving community. So, the end of separation will come, on many, many levels. I see a regeneration of the Earth as it flourishes in that unconditional love. We will treat the Earth in a different way, we will enjoy a different relationship with the natural forces. So, I see some very beautiful times coming.

Kathryn: Indeed, it sounds like Heaven on Earth.

Christine: Well, that's the way it's supposed to be. We are supposed to be living heaven on Earth. I see us meeting our humanness in a different way. The Pleiadians talk about how we are being asked to reach out to ourselves, meet our humanness, and celebrate our perfectly imperfect state as human beings. They say we really need to embrace ourselves with incredible love and compassion for all that we are. We've come here to learn, as human beings, and we need to hold ourselves in that loving embrace. It's all part of the self-realization process. It's interesting that we've been told we have to be perfect to become self-realized. Because the fact is it's just the opposite. We have to embrace our imperfection and forgive ourselves. As we hold ourselves in that we can then self-realize. So, the Pleiadians bring that message to us, and assist many of my students to that truth. As a result, there is a lot of rebirthing and self-realization going on in the teachings they bring of the love. It is part of the resurrection that is coming.

Kathryn: Christine, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience with me today. I know that your words will bring much hope and enlightenment to everyone reading this. I wish you great success in your work!

Christine: Thank you, Kathryn. It was a pleasure.