July 24th, 2011

Beloved Ones,

There are expanded frequencies of light anchoring on the earth plane now and they are creating a new level of sound to be activated on the planet. This sound frequency is responsible for creating a different energy that will be generated from the crop circles that exist in different areas. The crop circles are being activated to a new dimensional frequency, which will enable them to now play a much more powerful role in the re-alignment of the sacred sites and the megaliths, and expand the dynamic interplay of the ley lines. These expanded frequencies of light act as a catalyst, opening a synergy of light force between the megaliths, the sacred sites and the crop circles, and so expanding the ley lines into multi-dimensional fluid lines of light. This is designed to support the earth’s changes by creating a container of light consciousness throughout the planet, which in turn will stabilize the new dimensional openings here on our earth plane.

Crop circles are formations of sacred patterns that are usually found in grain crops. They are energetically designed to assist us in this ‘new dawning’ time by activating the conscious transformation of the earth and our own birthing of a new consciousness. The construction of the crop circle is formed by a high frequency of sound. There are countless examples of crop circles appearing all over the world, many near sacred sites and megaliths. The energies of the crop circles are designed to align to the sacred sites and activate energies within the site. They also act as a transmitter for the sacred sites by transmitting their energies outwards. There is the element of sacred geometry within the crop circles, which opens up the ley lines that interconnect between the crop circles, the sacred sites, and the megaliths, which also play a huge part in the preparation for the changes within our world.

The crop circles are going to continue to expand and transmit light frequencies outwards. These light frequencies are designed to align the earth, and also play a part in the awakening of each one of us as we birth/redefine ourselves during these changing times. As we move forward into the expansion of these birthing times the crop circles will become more active in assisting us in our birthing process: the energy will grow and expand to assist with the earth changes. Crop circles also play an essential role in mending the energies of megaliths and sacred sites that human actions have interfered with over time.

The crop circles have been created by the Pleiadians and over a long period of time they have been strategically placed around the planet in preparation as we move into this ‘new dawning’ time. They are becoming more active now, as their sacred designs are becoming more expanded in their sacred geometrical forms to support the powerful energies required in this time of rapid transformation of consciousness. There is a birthing of a great power that is rising in your world, opening you up to a new perception that is taking you in a certain direction. You are being gently guided from one world to another. This is a purposeful process that is bringing you into an alignment with the truth. This is a revelation that is taking place before you. What a gift we are experiencing, understanding that we are part of the gift that is unfolding now.


The Pleiadians

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