This is part of an interview that appeared in the "Edge" digital magazine in June 2010, Minesota USA.

Edge: 2012 has been described as a significant time period in terms of this transition. Can you describe in kind of a bigger way what is taking place within the planet right now?

C.Day: Yes, I actually can. The Pleiadians have just recently given me more of an understanding so I am able to put this into words to pass onto everybody here. First of all, it involves all of the earthquakes we have been having, as well as the volcanic activity up in Iceland.

Edge: I don't see anyone connecting all of these earthquakes together.

C. Day: Many of them don't understand what is going on, which is fine, but the Pleiadians talk about it as the beginning of the changes. We have talked about the earth changes coming. They are here, and this is the beginning of the earth shifts.

With every earthquake we have had, there is a dimensional shift taking place. The Pleiadians gave me a picture, as they sometimes do to describe things, because it helps us as a human race to have a picture. The picture related to earthquakes is this: If you liken it to a sunrise, then every time there is an earthquake anywhere on this earth plane -or volcanic activity - it is like the sun rises and there is a ray of light or a dimensional opening that is taking place within our earth.

This is the beginning of the changing times, the dimensional shift, for us from a third-dimensional planet to a fourth-dimensional planet. So when we have an earthquake, that shift takes place. It's like the sun rises a little more and another ray of light comes onto our earth plane. That ray of light brings an element of the fourth dimension and anchors it onto our planet.

When that happens, it is also affecting us in our physical bodies. It is creating an energetic shift through our energetic bodies. It affects our emotional body and our mental body. Our whole spiritual energy begins to change, affecting us down to the cells inside our bodies.

The Earth is birthing. As the Earth shifts, from a third dimensional to a fourth dimensional energy in a slight way from each earthquake, we are also birthing in our own bodies ' and that is creating quite a lot of upheaval inside ourselves.

It is shaking up what is going on in our cells. Emotions are in our cells, and so too are the denser emotions, like fear and everything we have held in our bodies, for lifetimes, actually. Every time we feel like something is too much, we hold our breath, we don't deal with it, and it locks in our organs and in our bodies. So as this dimensional shift opens, and it hits our cells every time there is an earthquake, every time there is volcanic activity, it is like we start to shake inside.

It is like things begin to get loosened. These denser emotions that are in our bodies start to shake. What it is creating for everybody is an increase in the fear that is locked in our bodies, an increase in not being able to think straight. We feel like something is happening, but we don't know what it is. Perhaps we feel anxiety, so we don't perceive things the same way. It's all part of the dimensional shift that is starting to occur here.

The Pleiadians have created, and they have transmitted through me, what I call transmissions ' energetic transmissions that I recorded and have posted free online so people can listen to them. These energetic transmissions help the physical body to align with the dimensional shift that is taking place. Every time there is an earthquake, we have the continued birthing of the Earth ' and the birthing of cells is part of this transition.

The transmissions on the website help the cells integrate that shift so they start to align with this new dimensional energy that is birthing on our planet. This is the beginning of what is taking place.

This is going to increase through to the end of 2012, and by the end of 2012, the first phase of the dimensional shift will be completed. With these dimensional shifts that have been taking place, there is going to be more earthquake activity and more volcanic activity. We are going to go through a quickening phase of this transition from third dimension to fourth dimension so that the veil will be lifted. The way it is going to transform is that we are going to transform in our consciousness.

There will be no more fear. We will start to open up and be connected, interconnected, not only with each other as a human race, but within the universal consciousness. This is how the Pleiadians have described the changes to me, and part of their role here is to anchor these transmissions so we can start to open up to them, start to align with the birth and navigate through this transition much more smoothly.

For those of us who are willing to be part of that and do it in a conscious way, the fear will not be there. Each one of us can say, 'Okay, I'm going to be part of this change. I am going to listen to these transmissions. I am going to take a conscious part in my change, in my transformation,' And, as we do that, consciously we are going to be more connected to the earth, to the natural forces, and align with these changes in a much more conscious way.

That is part of what the Pleiadians are showing me. They are giving me these transmissions, and they are saying there will be more of them that come to assist human beings so we can be a conscious part of these earth changes.


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