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Christine Day

So I want to welcome you all...and we will be sharing an experience together this afternoon. I look forward to that. Demonstrations are probably one of our most favorite things...sharing about the it came to be here.

Often when I sit with groups the Energy starts to come through and it becomes very overwhelming. I get a great sense of love for you all. So if I'm a little emotional you'll just have to forgive that... this work is about emotion...and this life is about feeling...about being alive. So, if you see the tears fall it's with a lot of joy...and a deep gratitude to be here...and to be bringing this work out into the world...and so that's why I love sharing it...because this is my destiny.

It's my work in this world and this work brings you as an individual into yours...because we all have a destiny...we all have something to bring to the our uniqueness.

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