Founded by Christine Day, and carried-on by Pat Burdy and Certified Practitioners, Amanae is hands-on, multi dimensional bodywork process. Amanae assists you in bypassing mind and ego to help you shift out deep emotions and trauma held in the body allowing you to move out of separation and into a direct experience of your divine self.

Amanae is about removing barriers held in our bodies and receiving our light as well as remembering who we really are. We are already enlightened, it's only about remembering and embodying this into our cells. There are doorways throughout the body that when opened allow us to access our own light and experience Oneness. When we access our own light, healing takes place within. Amanae works very much with the heart. The many barriers in our hearts prevent us from living fully and experiencing ourselves freely. As we move through the blockages we are able to receive ourselves and give of ourselves in a clear healthy natural way.

"This work returns us to our natural state as free will beings."

Certified 9 Month
Training Program

It is said: You cannot teach people anything, you can only help them find it within themselves.

This, then, is what the 9-month Amanae Training and Certification does. Becoming an Amanae practitioner and/or Workshop Guide is much more than learning a bodywork technique. It is an exciting journey of deep initiation to the Self. It requires total commitment coupled with a strong want and willingness for self-healing and a deep desire to serve all humanity. Amanae is a work of love, limitless in its scope.

As a student you will move through doorways in yourself to shift out ancient obstacles and feelings of fear, pain, grief, rage, confusion and other dark emotions, allowing in light and love. You will develop the skills to focus and the ability to hold a strong, supporting, loving space for yourself and others to shift out old blockages for the highest transformation of self.

This unrivaled training is challenging, exacting and powerful. It is equally loving, supportive and exciting. Healthcare professionals and body workers who have studied other systems are drawn to Amanae. Most of these people have reported back, even early in the training, that they have experienced expansion in both their personal and professional lives. People brand new to healing and body work are equally transformed by our program - many find that a career in the healing arts is their true calling.

Our method of training is to completely focus on each individual student and teach the Amanae technique in its purest form, setting a high standard for certification: this is why we limit the number of enrollees.

To apply for acceptance into the Amanae Practitioners Certification Program we require that you submit a letter of intent. Upon review of your letter, we will contact you to arrange for a personal interview. This training is only available to Frequencies of Brillance practitioners level I.

The nine-month program involves:

· Begins with a 5-day intensive workshop
· Weekly day-long classes
· Study of Anatomy
· Learning communication skills
· Assessments every three months
· Two 3-day and one 4-day intensive workshops
· One 6-day intensive workshop (mid-point through the program)
· 2 sweat lodges
· Regular schedule of student trades
· 18 Practicum sessions with outside clients
· Training to work with clients
· Training to work as guides in workshops

Pre requiste : Attendance at one 5 Day Intensive Amanae Workshop + Frequencies of Brilliance Level I
Note: All of the intensive workshops are live ins

To contact Pat Burdy

+1 651 251 3803 -direct

+1 612 978 1011 - office


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