What is Amanae?

Founded by Christine Day in 1987, Amanae is hands-on, emotional release, bodywork which opens "doorways" that have been closed by deeply held fear, anger and trauma. Amanae is a journey that takes us back to remembrance and direct experience of the self.

How does the process work?

The work is about removing barriers from our cellular body and receiving our light and remembering who we really are. We are already enlightened, it's only about remembering and embodying this into our cells. There are doorways throughout the body that when opened allow us to access our own light. Once we can access our own light, healing takes place within. Amanae works very much with the heart. There are many barriers in our hearts and while there are barriers here one cannot receive one's own light or give out in a true form.

In Amanae there are certain areas that relate to certain emotions. For example,there are childhood tapes that keep us in the same sabotaged loop. There are anger, sexual, and fear areas all keeping us from remembrance of our divine selves. This work returns us to our natural state as free will beings. Each one of us has a gift to bring. While sometimes we are prisoners of our emotions, such as fear and shame, we may be stopping ourselves from doing what we need to be doing in this world.

What happens in an Amanae Session?

In a session a certified Amanae practitioner will fully answer any question, but here's an overview: you would lay on a massage table and a practitioner would start by opening the heart, front or back. After the heart is opened, he or she moves to another area of the body and with a specific technique, opens doorways in the tissue that will allow the release of any issues stored there. The practitioner holds the space for you to be totally in your experience. The Amanae breath encourages you to say 'yes' to the process allowing you to go deep within yourself and assist you in releasing the barriers that keep you in separation from your authentic self. This breath also helps you to integrate. Many times emotional shifting occurs and a mental, physical, spiritual, liberation is experienced.


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This is a transcription of a conference about Amanae.

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